It's all in the details!

Most (usually) brides send the same basic email when they reach out to us. The provide the estimated number of guests, sometimes, an event date, and inquire about pricing. It usually goes like this, “We’ll have 90-110 people, how much would it cost, all inclusive.” There’s so much missing here, I often don’t know where to begin.

So, let’s unpack. I keep bring these up because they’re the most important.

  1. Save The Date

    1. If you have a date, share it ASAP. If we’re not available on your date, which is almost always rigid, everything else is a waste of time, yours and ours.

  2. Pick Your Palate

    1. The depth of your budget will determine your menu choices or your menu choices will determine the depth of your budget. Either way, the varying prices in food (chicken, meat, fish, grains, leaves) makes is nearly impossible to provide you with pricing if you’ve not selected a menu.

  3. Service

    1. Plated, Family Style, Passed D’Oeuvres. Different types of service require a different number of servers; the more intimate the service, the more servers needed to create that sense of intimacy. Service is a big part of what we do, sometimes, even more important than the food. Knowing the type of service you want, or can afford, will greatly help us in provide a fast and accurate quote.