Wedding Make-Up On a Budget


You can save a few hundred dollars by simply doing, or having a friend do your make-up. A make-up artist can cost $150 or more, just for you. Add a few friends and you’re looking at a big hole in your wallet.

Make-Up Counter - The Professionals

Some make-up counters take appointments, some are walk-ins. Find a pic of what you want on your big day and either book your appointment or stop in a few hours before, to ensure they’re able to work you in. Most of the bigger department stores will accept walk-ins and do your make-up for FREE. The expectation is that you’ll buy a product or two. Doing this will save you time and mistakes (if you’re a make-up virgin) and give you a little custom make-up lesson.


Stay away from new products at least a week before your big day, to avoid the chance of an allergic reaction. When you’ve chosen your color pallet, pick colors that are you! Remember that make-up should enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like a totally different person. Particularly on your wedding day, stick to colors you’d normally use, colors that work for your skin tone and eye color. Neutral tones will create a timeless look, bright and bold colors may be dated.

If you’re new to wearing make-up, practice makes perfect. When practicing, be sure to take selfies and time yourself, to determine how long it’ll take to get your desired look. On your big day, you’ll want to set aside at least 1 hour, this will give you enough time, without the anxiety of feeling rushed.


There are so many tutorials out there that it’s easy to get lost. Whether YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, remember to stick to what you know. Look for simple and clean tutorials that use products you’ll use after the wedding. You don’t want to buy make-up you’ll never use again and certainly don’t want tutorials that are too complicated and/or hard to execute and will lead to frustration.