The DIY Bride

With the ever-rising cost of weddings, more and more couples are looking for ways to plan smaller, more intimate, and budget-conscious events. This excites me because I was a DIY bride. I spent the night before my wedding working on my decor. I up-cycled, recycled, and used household items for my decor. I was very specific about what I wanted, even drawing out a layout of the buffet and dessert tables, wanting to control exactly where things would be placed.


I love mercury glass and wanted candles around the venue. A votive mercury glass, sans candle, cost $3.95 each. I purchased votive glasses for .55 each and DIY’d my mercury glass votive with water and spray paint. I made about 75 of these, it took no more than 3 hours.

For lights, I used string Christmas lights I bought during the 75% off after Christmas sale. If you’re getting married during the November - January months, plan ahead and grab your decor during the Christmas sales.

The table runners were cute. I got pictures of my husband and I, from babies to adults and printed them in black and white. I then laminated them and created a runner, trying to placed pics of us next to each other as we aged through the years. This was a little more time consuming, but meaningful, simple and beautiful.


Sure, there are many site from which you can order flowers directly from the grower. There are even some that will send the bouquet, runners and table arrangements to you, already made. But for the DIY bride, I’ve found that Costco and Sams have the most competitive pricing. I’ve used Sams for many events, including my wedding, and know many brides who’ve used Costco. You have to be creative, but with Pinterest, there’s no lack of options to creating the perfect DIY bouquet. My father-in-law works for a florist, his “I need to get out of the house gig” after he retired; flowers are NOT cheap. They’re as beautiful as they are wasteful, for major events. A FEW beautiful arrangements will go a long way, you don’t have to opt for flower overdose. Or, skip the flowers and opt for plants and greenery. There’s so much you can do with these, I sometimes wish I was on the decorating side of things to let my creative juices flowing. Less is more, more is the bouquet the girls sent to Miranda’s mother’s funeral in Sex and the City; it was NOT pretty.